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News and Notes

As of Feb. 6, 2009 I am officially a resident of St. Joseph, MI. Yeah! Due to a back injury I haven't had a chance to actually get over to St. Joe to visit my new condo yet, but I'm hoping and praying that will happen very soon!

In the mean time, I'm spending time learning about the area. I visited the Berrien County web site and downloaded maps of the county, St. Joseph, and several communities in the area. I've also subscribed to the feeds for the Harold Palladium newspaper. Each day I read the feeds and whenever a location is mentioned I look it up on my maps. Little by little I'm learning about the area.

I've also been doing some online searches to find dog friendly places in the area, grocery stores, home improvement and furniture stores. The area has more to offer than I would have guessed. :-)

Recently, in the Herald Palladium, I found 2 articles of interest. The first article made me sad. It was about the closing of the Great Lakes Home Furnishings store i…