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In Search of Blossoms

Spring in southwest Michigan is arguably the prettiest of all seasons. The acres upon acres of orchards make for a colorful and fragrant landscape. The other day, D and I took a drive out Coloma way in search of some fruit tree blossoms to photograph. If I were a more serious photographer I might have taken the time to research what blossoms would be available to photograph then but I'm not and I didn't. So when we came upon some fruit trees in bloom we had no idea what kind of blossoms they might be. There were lots of pretty ones though, and that was good enough for us.

We stopped every now and then and got out of the car and made our way to the edges of this field and that. We photographed deep pink blossoms and bright white blossoms and pale pink & soft white blossoms. They made for stunning photos with the bright blue sky for a background.

We shot a good number of pictures and decided to make one last stop at a field along Coloma Rd. We got out and took a couple pictu…