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Our New Favorite Restaurant

Who likes to eat? raise your hand. Good. I see many raised hands out there! Well, here's a special treat for you, a 4.5 star restaurant review. :-) I'm not a food critic, we all know that. But I like to eat and I like to appreciate the dining experience, whether it's a picnic on a beach or fine dining at an upscale eatery. Today's review is for the later, an upscale eatery.

This is the club house for Harbor Shores, the golf course, and the home of The Grille at Harbor Shores, the restaurant. D, L, Jo and I dined there last Sunday and it was a very pleasurable experience. Let me share that experience with you in words and photos.

The decor in The Grille is a perfect balance of elegant and casual so that you'd feel comfortable in there dressed in khakis and a polo shirt after a round of golf or in a suit and tie/dress for a special occasion. The colors are fresh and a tad nautical, a nod no doubt to nearby Lake Michigan. The look is a little clubsy with the dark wood…

White Water Fun

It's not like you need to search for water fun outside of St Joseph. After all, St Joseph has 3 beaches on Lake Michigan within the city limits. And it has the Whirlpool Fountain for those who are so inclined. And of course you can learn to surf and kite board at the Third Coast Surf Shop. And let's not forget that you can rent a kayak at Outpost Sports and play in Lake Michigan's waves. So there are lots of options for water play right in St Joseph. But let's just say you wanted to try something different...

... like white water rafting! Where would you go... Colorado? Kentucky? Virginia? What about South Bend, Indiana? Now I'm not saying that the rafting in South Bend is equal to what you'd find in Colorado, or Kentucky, or Virginia, but I'm suggesting that you can have a lot of run rafting much closer to Michigan.

South Bend, Indiana has a rafting/kayaking course called the East Race Waterway. It's right in the heart of downtown South Bend which puts…

Beach, Golf, Parade... Memorial Day Weekend 2012

It's as if the lake is poised and waiting for the sunbathers, sailboaters, and swimmers. Memorial Day weekend is the traditional beginning of the summer season and the time when everyone's thoughts turn to the beach. We have one of the best, here in St Joseph. It was bare of beach goers this morning but then it is just Friday and many are still at work waiting for the weekend to begin. The weather forecast is for a very hot weekend (temps near or above 90 all three days) but the lake water is still quite cold (upper 50s). Whether you are a beach lover or not, there is plenty happening in St Joseph this weekend.

The Senior PGA Championship is being held at Harbor Shores this weekend. The community has been abuzz about this event for months now. Yesterday was the first of the four days of the tournament. The picture above was taken this morning showing the leader board after yesterday's rounds.

The golfers were at it again today with much more pleasant weather (very windy y…