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VenFest, Fireworks

One of the lighted boats docked right by us (D, C, R, & I) making a nice foreground for our fireworks shots. :-) It was a lovely hot summer night in St Joe! The chocolate brownie sundae we got from Coldstone Creamery at the festival was just the thing to help cool us down. What fun! Published with Blogger-droid v1.4.7

VenFest, Lighted Boat Parade

This is the one likely to win. Beautiful! Published with Blogger-droid v1.4.7

VenFest Sunset

Blogging to you live from VenFest. Sun is setting and the lighted boat parade will be starting soon. Published with Blogger-droid v1.4.7

2010 Venetian Festival in St Joseph

It's that time again! The biggest festival of the year is being held in St Joseph this weekend. And what a weekend it is! The weather is just wonderful... hot and sunny, perfect for a beach town. There's no rain in the forecast except for a chance of a shower Sunday afternoon or evening. So if you're thinking about coming to the VenFest, do it, and don't give a second thought to the weather!

D, C, R, and I walked around the festival grounds last evening and had a great time. Lots of music, food, rides, and games! There were plenty of vendors around hawking their wares. This guy was selling, among other things, hand held bubble makers.

Just a ways down the road to Silver Beach, the folks under this tent were racing remote control cars.

The lovely new Silver Beach Carousel was doing a brisk business and the Shadowland Pavillion was open and serving beer and soft drinks to those over 21.

There was plenty of junk food to be had and folks seemed to be buying and enjoying it.

Krasl Art Fair 2010

Today was the first of the two days of the 2010 Krasl Art Fair in St. Joseph. While it was a pleasant pool and beach day, it was uncomfortably warm up on the bluff where the art fair was held. However, that didn't diminish the crowds!

D, L, Jo & I had breakfast at Thornton's, which had a line out the door waiting for a table, and then we made our way over to the Krasl about 10:30 am. We purchased "Krasl Bucks" this year which allowed us to take advantage of preferred parking at the Krasl. Saweet! The Krasl Bucks package also included a ticket to breakfast at Port 412 but my understanding was that it was a "Continental Breakfast". We were looking for something more substantial hence breakfast at Thorntons. We were given a "goodie bag" (part of the Krasl Bucks package) which consisted of an art fair poster, a pencil and pen, a key ring, a writing journal, hand sanitizer, and a printed piece about the permanent sculptures that belong to the Krasl…

At the Beach

Another glorious beach day! The sand is very hot on the feet so bring your thongs. The sky is cloudless so don't forget the sunscreen. The water is cool and refreshing... what are you waiting for? Come on down!

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