Early Blossoms in Southwest Michigan

Spring has come early to Michigan. This has been just about the warmest spring I can remember. We've had more days of blue skies and sunshine than is typical for this season and I've truly enjoyed it. D and I (mostly D ;-) have been working on our winter projects at the condo and we're wrapping those up now. We'll be finished by mid May. But we just had to take a day off to grab some pics of the beautiful blossoms in the area!

Last Saturday we started out taking just a few pics of the apple trees blooming in the orchard at Nye's Apple Barn in St. Joseph. They were a lovely deep pink and oh so pretty!
That just whet our appetites for more spring blooms! So off we went in search of more blossoming fruit trees. We drove to Coloma because I was hoping to get some pics of peach blossoms and after all, Coloma's famous for it's Glad-Peach Festival. Well, that didn't work out so well. I couldn't figure out which trees might be peach trees because they don't have leaves yet ;-) . We did find an orchard with trees in bloom with pretty white flowers. It turns out, they're cherry trees!
So we spent a few minutes taking orchard pictures there and then we drove off in search of more orchards. And boy did we find them! I should have taken some panorama pictures to capture the wide vista of rolling hills in full bloom but I didn't think of it. But here are a few pics of the lovely orchards of Coloma...

I'm looking forward to the Blossomtime Festival and Parade which will be held in St Joseph in a couple weeks. I hope the weather will be warm and sunny just like it was on Saturday when we were out taking these pics. I didn't get to the parade last year so this will be my first time.

After taking in all these beautiful fields of blooms you'd think we'd have been satisfied and headed back to the condo to work on our projects, but no, we weren't. We did return briefly to have a bit of lunch but then we headed off to Holland where the tulips are blooming early too!


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