2010 Venetian Festival in St Joseph

It's that time again! The biggest festival of the year is being held in St Joseph this weekend. And what a weekend it is! The weather is just wonderful... hot and sunny, perfect for a beach town. There's no rain in the forecast except for a chance of a shower Sunday afternoon or evening. So if you're thinking about coming to the VenFest, do it, and don't give a second thought to the weather!

D, C, R, and I walked around the festival grounds last evening and had a great time. Lots of music, food, rides, and games! There were plenty of vendors around hawking their wares. This guy was selling, among other things, hand held bubble makers.

Just a ways down the road to Silver Beach, the folks under this tent were racing remote control cars.

The lovely new Silver Beach Carousel was doing a brisk business and the Shadowland Pavillion was open and serving beer and soft drinks to those over 21.

There was plenty of junk food to be had and folks seemed to be buying and enjoying it.

Security folks were all around the grounds making sure there was no rowdiness.

There weren't a lot of rides, compared to an amusement park, but there was a nice variety. From sedate rides like the Fun Slide...

And kiddie rides...

To rides that swing, spin, and drop, for the big kids!

And of course there were lots of games of chance.

Not everyone is lucky enough to win at the games of chance but some do. Here's a good but weird example of one of the prizes you can win... your own alien!

And Mother Nature contributed to the fun atmosphere with a another lovely Lake Michigan sunset.

I'm looking forward to visiting the Venetian Fest again Saturday and Sunday. Will I see you there?


  1. Hello. I just recently purchased my own vacation house in St. Joseph and I am so enjoying your blog! My husband and I will be there for 2 weeks over the 4th of July so I'm taking lots of notes. I'm so sorry the Venetian Festival is canceled. Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, Dott! I know you'll enjoy your vacation home in St Joe. There is always something fun happening in the area.

    Even though the Venetian Festival has been cancelled, it sounds like St Joseph Today is planning on some music concerts around town that same weekend and I think there's going to be a 5K run too. I'm thinking they might be trying to salvage some aspects of the Venetian Fest without all the hoopla and carnival atmosphere. We shall see!

    I do have some more blog posts planned so stay tuned!


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