Spring Has Arrived in St Joe!

After a long, cold, winter with barely anytime spent in St Joe, I was happy to see evidence of spring all around me when I visited the city this past weekend. The first thing I noticed is that the Dairy Korner is open for the season. Yeah! We had to stop for a ice cream cone, of course. Yum!

And I noticed there were boats on the lake and fishermen on the pier.

All the ice shelves were gone from the beach. Hooray!

There were people out walking along the beach, fully clothed for the weather, but beach walking none the less.

And there were people on the pier enjoying the lovely sunset.

While there were no people swimming, there was one very happy dog playing fetch among Lake Michigan's golden waves.

The big beautiful sailboats aren't in the water for the season yet but the trees have buds on them that look like're getting ready to burst forth soon.

It's always interesting to see what's changed around town when you've been away for a while. For instance, I noticed Bloomies had vacated their prime corner location at Broad and State Streets...

For one just a few doors down on Broad Street (where the pottery place used to be... where'd it go?). I wonder who the new tenants will be in Bloomie's old spot. Anybody know?

I also noticed a new surf shop is opening up in town. That will make my husband and kids very happy!

And I don't think these chairs were on the sides of the Harbor Town Interiors the last time I was in St. Joe. They're kinda cute, aren't they?

Ahh, St Joseph, it's good to be back. And it's wonderful to see you weathered the winter just fine. I'm looking forward to spending more time with you now. How about a little warmer weather? I can't help but mention that the first weekend of April last year your temperatures were in the 80s. How I'd like to have another spring and summer of hot temperatures like last year! I say, "ENCORE!"