How To Enjoy a Long Holiday Weekend in St Joseph (Day 4)

Day Four

Today's breakfast was at the lake, but not at the beach. I'll treat you to a different view of beautiful Lake Michigan this time. This is the view from Lookout Park along Red Arrow Highway.

I really should do a panorama view from this park one of these days. But until then, here's another view. The fish must have been biting in the area because you can see several groups of fishing boats clustered on the lake.

And you can see the lighthouses from here too even though this area is about 3 miles from downtown.

St Joseph is without a doubt the most patriot town I've ever seen. Most of the houses in town fly the American flag for the holiday. Lake Bluff Park is lined with flags, as are the cemeteries around town. And one of the many activities in town on the Fourth of July Parade featuring the area children.

The parade started at 10:30am and went down State Street. Some rode bikes...
Pulled wagons...
Walked dogs...
Were pulled in wagons...
Or walked with friends...
There was a great turnout!

After the parade was over, D and I did some shopping in town. There's a new store at the corner of State Street and Broad Street... Lana's Boutique.

We stopped in to check it out.
I found lots of lovely fashions and some very stylish sandals I just had to have. The sales staff was friendly and it was a nice shopping experience.

After we were done shopping it was time for lunch. Since it was a picture perfect day to be by the lake, there was no better place for lunch than the outdoor cafe at Schu's.

D and I enjoyed lunch by the lake and were amused and entertained watching the pedestrian and street traffic go by. There were lots of families at Lake Bluff Park, some staking out their spot for the evening's fireworks.

After lunch we treated ourselves to a Chocolate Eruption at the Chocolate Cafe on State Street.

They have outdoor seating as well and we enjoyed that experience too.

After our delightful morning in town, we decided we needed some hydro-solar therapy (catching some rays and taking a dip). We thought about going to the beach but decided to head back to our condo and spend some time at the pool instead.

We didn't take in the fireworks this year but I'm sure they were wonderful, as always. We've seen them before and enjoyed them tremendously. 

So, now you've seen how we can fill a 4-day holiday weekend in St Joseph. If we'd had 8 days in town, we could have easily filled 4 more days with visits to wineries, museums, South Haven (just 30 minutes north on Red Arrow Highway), more sunsets (no two are the same!), a ride on the carousel, the Krasl Art Center, the nature center, and more!


  1. I think you both absolutely love this beautiful town. Just wondering how you ever came to know about it? Must have been some really great PR that introduced you to the Sunset Coast, huh?

  2. I will always have you to thank for introducing me to St Joseph, Cheryl. I'll bet you could write an even better blog about St Joseph than I have. The Chamber of Commerce should hire you. Maybe that could be your next career!


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