Concours on the Bluff

Each year, the Krasl Art Center hosts the Concours on the Bluff as one of it's fundraisers. The event is held in mid August and it draws quite a crowd. Any and all car enthusiasts will enjoy this event. There are automobiles on display from every decade.

It cost $5/person or $10/family to get in to the Concours event which is held at Lake Bluff Park across the street from the Krasl.

There are all sorts of cars on display. Whatever your interest, there are bound to be vehicles to suit you.

It's fun to compare the cars from one decade to another.

From the beginning...

... to this current 2011 model Chevy Volt. This show had it all!

From the elegant...

... to the more casual ride.

There were some pretty unusual vehicles...

...for every taste and budget.

And there were lots of old favorites, like this one. My dad had one just like this except in white. Boy did seeing this bring back memories!

And then there was this baby... I wish I had memories of this Camero!

Several times throughout the day they had a "pass in review" where the cars were driven down Lake Street pausing in front of an announcer's tent. Stories were told of how the cars were restored, what condition they were once in, and items of interest about each specific model. There were risers set up for those who were lucky enough to grab a seat (hint: when the announcer tells you the review will be starting in a few minutes, run for the stands!).

This is a really fun and entertaining way to support the Krasl Art Center. I hope to see you there next year! (I'll be the one with the camera in my hands ;-)