Beaches of the St. Joseph Area: Jean Klock Park Beach

Jean Klock Park Beach is just "a few houses" north of St. Joseph's Tiscornia Beach in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Like Tiscornia Beach, it has beautiful views of the lighthouses on St. Joseph's north pier and a beautiful sandy shoreline on Lake Michigan.

There's a newly paved parking lot at Jean Klock Park but you do have to pay to park.
There's also a pretty new pavilion that reminds me of the Shadowland Pavilion at Silver Beach.

I understand there's a concession stand and playground equipment at Jean Klock but I didn't see those things when I was there. I did notice that the beach grass grows closer to the water at Jean Klock than it does at the other beaches. It sort of has a more natural, less commercial look to it than the other beaches in the area do.

West Michigan beaches are terrific! Why does everyone from the Detroit area want to go Up North?

Other beaches of interest in the St. Joseph area:
Silver Beach
Lion's Park Beach
Tiscornia Beach


  1. Your area seems to have a very nice stretch of public beaches. We have some wonderful beaches on Ontario but they are spread out with lots of private stretches in between.


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