Beaches of the St. Joseph Area: Lion's Park Beach

A few blocks south of Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan, is Lion's Park Beach. This beach is smaller than Silver Beach but still has a lot of amenities. It also has some advantages. For instance, there is a parking lot that runs perpendicular to the beach. If you're lucky enough to get one of the spots nearest the beach you'll have a much shorter walk to get into the lake than from anywhere at Silver Beach. And, there is no charge for parking at Lion's Park Beach so admittance is free :-) .
Lion's Park Beach has a nice variety of playground equipment, a permanent bathroom structure, and two picnic shelters. Like Silver Beach, it too has a nice view of the lighthouses and piers. It's bordered on the north by a residential area and on the south by the water treatment facility.

Across the road and behind the beach (to the east) is the John and Dede Howard Walking Trail which has an access area at Lion's Park Beach.

There are no lifeguards on duty at Lion's Park Beach. It's strictly "swim at your own risk". But that doesn't stop the beach from filling up on hot weather days! Families will really enjoy this beach which tends to be less crowded than Silver Beach.

Parking can be a challenge at Lion's Park Beach. Your best bet is to get there early in the day, especially if you have coolors, picnic baskets, etc. to load and unload. There is no concession stand at this beach so if you want to have something to eat you'll need to bring your own food and beverages.

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