Beaches of the St. Joseph Area: Tiscornia Beach

Tiscornia Beach, in the city of St. Joseph, Michigan, is the beach immediately north of Silver Beach. Like St. Joseph's Lion's Park Beach, it too is an unattended/swim-at-your-own-risk beach. You can't beat the beautiful shallow, sandy beaches of Lake Michigan here!

Tiscornia Beach is owned by the city of St. Joseph and there is a fee for parking. The beach includes access to the north pier which has the city's two lighthouses and is a popular fishing spot.

The beach has no playground equipment or picnic tables although there is a picnic shelter with tables off the beach near the parking lot.

This beach has public restroom facilities but no concession stand.

It is less popular than Silver Beach or Lion's Park Beach for beach goers, but often more popular with boaters who will frequently drop anchor in the area.

You can boat-watch the many boats that come and go between he piers and up the St. Joseph River. And if you like to photograph sunsets, you can get some wonderful pictures from this beach too.

Tiscornia Beach is a little bit harder to get to than Silver Beach or Lion's Park Beach because you have to go through the residential district (Edgewater) north of the St. Joseph River. If you take the M-63 (Main Street) bridge north of town and exit at Momany Dr. you'll see signs to direct you there. Enjoy!

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