The Official Last Weekend of Summer

In just 2 more days summer will be officially over and fall will be here. In St. Joseph, there have been signs of autumn for a few weeks now... a patch of bright red leaves on a tree here or there, a multitude of acorns on my back deck. Last weekend the weather was unseasonably warm here and we went swimming in the lake and the pool. This weekend, it's a different story.

There are still people on the beach, but they're having fun on the sand not in the water.
And the beach attire has changed in response to the cooler temperatures...

The outer lighthouse is having some work done on it before the weather makes it impossible to do so. This isn't seasonal maintenance but rather a much need face lift. Evidently it's leaning towards the lake and needs some mechanical adjustments and a fresh coat of paint.

Yesterday was the last day of business for the Dairy Korner. This soft-serve ice cream establishment in St. Joseph has been in business for 53 years. It closes each fall and reopens each spring. The closing date differs from year to year but this year it closed on this last official weekend of summer, last night as a matter of fact. We got our last cones of the season :-( . It will reopen March 1st, 2010. It's closing is yet another sign of the end of summer.

It's a time of transition, from warm summer days at the beach to cool autumn afternoons watching college football. And before we know it, we'll be having long cold winter evenings by the fire. This photo captures the transition perfectly. Looking back from the Silver Beach parking lot, we see the water cannons of the new Whirlpool Compass Fountain spraying the brave souls (kids) who still choose to frolic in it (70F) in the background, and in the foreground we see stacks of snow fencing that will be erected soon to cut down on the sand and snow that blow in off the lake.

Another summer season is gone and autumn has arrived. The Lake Michigan sunsets come much earlier now (before 8pm) but they're still just as beautiful.