Thirsty Perch, South Haven, MI

D and I took a drive up to South Haven for dinner last night. It was a pleasant thing to do on a Sunday evening. Most of the trees we saw along the drive were still green but we passed one patch surrounding a pond where all the leaves on the trees were dark red and brown.

We'd seen the sign for the Thirsty Perch restaurant on previous visits to South Haven. We made this trip specifically to dine there. The restaurant is on Broadway just north of Phoenix. Their sign is easy to see from the street.

The restaurant was almost empty when we got there about 6pm. I was a bit surprised that there weren't more diners on a Sunday evening but then it is past peak tourist season. Anyway, the restaurant was nicely appointed with an upscale urban feel to it. It had comfortable seating, soft but not dim lighting :-), and soothing lake colors.

The menu had much to choose from but it's evident they specialize in perch. I happen to love lake perch so this was a plus in my book.

I ordered my perch sauteed with broccoli and sweet potato mash as sides.

D, who isn't normally a fish fan, ordered perch too but got his deep fried.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our dinners. The fish was cooked perfectly. My sweet potatoes were tasty and tender. Only my broccoli left something to be desired. It wasn't warm enough.

The chalk board on the wall listed all of the NFL games scheduled that day and there were flat screen TVs behind the bar. We left before the Bears game came on but I'm guessing the place probably saw more patrons filter in by that time.

We skipped dessert this time around because I wanted to stop for a soft serve cone at the Dairy Korner (St. Joseph) on the way home. They will only be open a couple more weeks and I wanted to get one more cone in before they're closed for the season.

We drove by the waterfront to see the sunset before we left South Haven. When you love to photograph sunsets as much as I do, you become drawn to them like moths to a flame. And you pay attention to what time it is so as not to miss the magical event. The daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter. The sun set at 8pm last night. Just 8 weeks ago, in mid July, I was catching the sunset at 9:30!

I was struck by how barren the beach was. There were a handful of people strewn about the beach, mostly couples taking in the magic of a Lake Michigan sunset. The usual small crowd was out on the pier just beyond the lighthouse, waiting for the sunset too. I was remembering the beach as it was a month ago when we were there during the day, one of the few sunny, hot days this summer. The beach was so crowded we could hardly find a place to place our towels and chairs, and parking was a nightmare. How quiet and lonesome that same beach seemed in September!

We watched the sun go down and took our pictures. Then we made our way back to St. Joseph and got one more ice cream cone from the Dairy Korner. We're transitioning into autumn slowly but surely.


  1. Another location I've yet to make it to yet. Looks like good food. It will be interesting to see the hours (if any) many of these location keep off season. Good write up and great pictures. Love the shot with the (unsual shaped sails) sailboat framed up perfectly.


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