Orange You Glad it's Autumn in St. Joseph?

Orange was the color of the day, Sunday, in St. Joseph. I made a quick trip to St. Joe to turn on the furnace in the condo. We've had a couple nights of below freezing temps and I didn't want to risk having my pipes burst. Bad news. The furnace isn't working! :-( Going to have to call the heating and cooling guys, again.

In the few hours I was in town, I managed to snap some autumnal photos. Orange, orange, orange, in all it's glory appears in each picture...
Here's the sign on Lakeshore Drive welcoming all to our "Special Place on the Lake". The lush fall mums were looking lovely!

The shoreline foliage was looking very autumnal. Lake Michigan was looking paler and greener than it did in the summer.

The snow fences are in place along Silver Beach, the lifeguard chair long abandoned.

From atop the bluff looking out at the lake you can see the various reds, oranges, and golds in the foliage. The structure on the right is the new Silver Lake Carousel under construction. It's coming along nicely and will be a wonderful addition to the St. Joseph waterfront.

Walking along Lake Bluff Park you can see people bundled up in cold weather clothing!

And the people in town were bundled up too. The merchants have decorated their storefronts with bales of straw, mums, pumpkins, and scarecrows! So cute!

Here's one that caught my eye...

And here's the front of the Chocolate Cafe. It looked very autumnal inside too. Especially the display with the chocolate covered raisins. Ymmm. I just had to buy some :-)

And then there was the display in front of Kilwin's... you know, the place with the to-die-for chocolate and caramel covered apples. Well, I just had to pick up one of those too. These are without a doubt the best caramel apples ever. You can get them with just caramel, caramel and chocolate, caramel with peanuts, and caramel with chocolate and peanuts. And the taste is phenomenal. They use Granny Smith apples (very tart and crisp), oh so soft and sweet caramel (not the melted store bought stuff either), and then there's the chocolate... melt-in-your-mouth creamy. Smacznego!

Well of course I took a photo! Here you go.

What? You want one up close and personal? OK, here you go. Happy drooling!