Chocolate and Wine at Exit 39, Sweetest Day

Saturday was Sweetest Day. D and I started the day off with breakfast at Sophia's and returned home in time to watch the pregame show before the U of M vs Delaware State football game. The game was fun to watch just for the shear joy of seeing so many touchdowns. Wow! Go Blue!

When the game was over, we headed out in search of fall colors and Sweetest Day treats. Our first stop was the Karma Vista Vineyards in Coloma.

We'd been there before and remembered the beautiful vistas.

I also wanted to get some pictures of the mature grape vines and pick up some wine for gifts. :-) The sun was playing peek-a-boo behind the clouds so we had to be patient to get the pics. But it was worth it!

Then we ducked inside and grabbed a few bottles of wine before moving on. The place was really crowded!

Next stop was the Chocolate Garden, also in Coloma. We hadn't been to the Chocolate Garden before but we'd seen plenty of signs for it and heard good things from friends too.

It's an itty bitty place tucked back in off the road.

Inside is one small room with some displays and a counter where you can pay for your chocolate indulgences. They specialize in truffles. In fact, that's all they sell there besides souvenir shirts and coffee drinks.

We picked up some truffles for ourselves and for birthday gifts and move on. How do they taste? I'll have to get back with you on that one. There were no samples offered and we haven't dug in to the ones we purchased.

By the time we left the Chocolate Garden we were pretty hungry for dinner so we stopped at the Texas Corral for steaks (every guy's dream dinner ;-). After dinner we headed back in to St. Joseph for some dessert (every gal's dream dinner ;-). First we went to the Chocolate Cafe for a piece of the "chocolate spoon cake" (very rich and decadent) and then we went to Kilwin's for a caramel apple (to take home!).

Wine and chocolate.... mmmm! What a great way to celebrate Sweetest Day!