Texas Corral

Few people love a good steak as much as D does. I think he'd eat them every day if he could. Now me, I definitely appreciate a good steak but I don't think I could eat one every day (I'd need some days of good Polish food mixed in! ;-)

It was important that we find a good steak place in the St. Joseph area for those days when D gets a big hankering for one. We got lucky when we tried the Texas Corral on Pipestone Rd. in Benton Township. The atmosphere was pure Texas, the service was prompt and friendly, and the steaks were Dee-licious!

To start things off, we were given a bucket of peanuts. The shells were destined for the floor in true Texas roadhouse fashion.

Following that we put in our orders, a T-bone for D and a filet mignon for me. We both had side salads, a house salad for D and a Caesar salad for me. The salad greens were fresh and crispy and we both enjoyed them. The Caesar dressing was OK, but I've had better. The warm dinner rolls were light and sweet and served with whipped, flavored butter. Yum!

D's T-bone was cooked just as he likes it, medium rare. The smile on his face when he bit into it said it all, "smaczny!" (Polish word for tasty!) I echoed his smile when I bit into my filet. Oooh yeah! And I appreciated that my sweet potato was tender all the way through and topped with a big gob of butter. Am I making your mouth water yet? ;-)

As is our custom, we ate half of the food on our plates and took the rest home. No room for dessert this time around but it could happen next time. We'll definitely be back!