Days of Yore Antiques and Collectibles

I don't have a lot of experience browsing antiques shops, but the few I've been in have fascinated me. I'm a genealogy addict and a bit of a history buff. Given that, you'd think I would have spent more than a few minutes in antique shops. But that just hasn't been the case. The reason for that is lack of opportunity more than anything else.

That's all about to change now and it started with a visit to the Days of Yore Antiques and Collectibles shop on State Street in St. Joseph, Michigan. I took a stroll through there the other day and thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the wonderful merchandise.

I don't know an antique from a reproduction so I can't vouch for the authenticity of the items in this store, but they sure have some cool stuff! I spent a good bit of time going through their collection of antique postcards. The ones of St. Joseph were the ones that interested me the most. And I really appreciated the large collection of fashion jewelry they had. Here's an item (not for sale) that also caught my interest...

It's a model of the old Silver Beach amusement park! Very cool!

Of course I couldn't leave without purchasing a few things. I bought a crocheted doily with orange and purple pansies in the pattern, a dresser scarf embroidered with sailboats, and this sign that I just couldn't resist for my condo.

The sign isn't an original, it just looks like it. The store owner told me you can have one made up with whatever text you want on it and she has a book of some 500 to choose from. I didn't take the time to browse through the book. That would only have made the decision a difficult one. I liked this one and so did D, it was purely an impulse decision.

We haven't hung the sign yet but that will happen in the next few days. Now if the weather would just warm up a bit more I might just be tempted to test the waters at Silver Beach!