Michigan Strawberries

Luscious. That's the word of the day. Why? Because that word perfectly describes this year's crop of Michigan strawberries!
I just got back from buying some of these luscious red beauties from Scott's Produce stand which is in the parking lot of Ace Hardware on Niles Rd.

Noticed the rain, did ya? Yes, it's a rainy day. We've been having a lot of them lately. I'm told the slightly cooler and wetter spring we've experienced is the reason for the wonderful crop of strawberries being harvested this year. I guess this is the cloud's silver lining for us :-)

I just had a handful of berries and I can attest that these berries are superb. Unlike the crunchy, semi-sweet California berries that have been sold in markets around Michigan for months now, these are super sweet and the flesh is soft but firm. Perfect. Lucious. YUM!

Michigan strawberries... just another reason to love St. Joseph and southwest Michigan!


  1. Yep, it is definite-you will take a photo anywhere, even in the rain. You bypassed the strawberry patch at my home, Jasia. We have been picking oodles of strawberries for about a week now from a little patch that my neighbor planted two years ago and graciously shares with us. This patch is in a little section of grass between out two driveways and she planted the berries to avoid having to cut the grass there. They have multiplied over these few years and now are producing big time. They are delicious, you are right. Now if only she would plant a peach tree or two!!


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