Storm Watching on Silver Beach

Mother Nature put on the most awesome light show last night and and again today. The thunderstorms we had at 4am and again at 7am were not like any I remember seeing. The lightning was so constant and for so long it made it impossible to sleep. And the thunder! Yikes! Deafening!!!

We had more storms during the day today and again at 9pm this evening with this evening's being another tremendous light show!

When I was a child I used to be terrified of thunderstorms. I used to cry and hide under the bed and beg my mom to hide under there with me. She never did. My fear of storms lasted throughout my grade school years, my teen years, and even through my college years. While I didn't hide under the bed all those years I did refuse to go far from home if there were severe weather watches or warnings. And I always made sure I knew where the basement was when visiting a friend's house in case I needed to head down there.

It wasn't until I gave birth to my daughter that my fear of storms dissipated. Just like that when I became a mommy the protective instinct kicked in and I lost my fear of storms. Oh I still have a weather radio by my side and I keep tuned to the TV for radar and satellite pictures but I no longer feel the fear. Now I'm concerned rather than anxious. And sometimes I can even sit and admire a good thunderstorm, something I never thought I'd be able to do. This evening was one of those times.

I knew another thunderstorm was approaching St. Joseph from Lake Michigan. I headed down to Silver Beach to watch the storm approach and to see if I could catch a picture of a lightning bolt with the lighthouses in it. I've tried to capture lightning in a photo a couple of times before but never had any luck. But tonight was my lucky night! HA! Look at this!

And this isn't the only lightning photo I was able to capture. I have a couple of others too. :-)

I think St. Joseph and Lake Michigan will provide a wonderful backdrop for even more lightning photos. I look forward to more of Mother Nature's light shows!


  1. Nice photo! I've never had any luck photographing lightning. I woke up Thursday Night, actually Friday morning at 3 am with what seemed like lightening filling my apartment! Thunder and rain just pouring down. Thank goodness it didn't last all that long but another storm came through 2 hours later. All probably part of the same system you experienced. I'm not afraid of storms but it does give you second thoughts when it thunders loud enough to shake the bed!

  2. Great picture! I always loved to watch the storms roll across the lake when we had our camp.


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