Bit of Swiss Bakery

On the way back from Weko Beach, we stopped in at the Bit of Swiss bakery in Stevensville, Michigan. My friend Ch had driven me by here before but I'd never been inside. D is always happy to explore anywhere that has food, so he was more than willing to stop in.

The inside was warm and welcoming. There were shelves with lots of interesting loaves of breads. And the smell... ummmm, good! There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh baked bread, is there?

This bakery is not limited to just bread though. They have several cases of scrumptious looking pastries. It was hard to decide what to buy. We couldn't go home empty handed!

They had some pastries available for sampling too. :-) These brownies were delicious!

They had a special going on the chocolate croissants, buy one get one free. So we got a couple of those and a variety box of Christmas cookies. I know it seems a bit early for Christmas cookies but we were planning to put up our Christmas tree this weekend and that sort of project always goes better with cookies. ;-)

I'd love to tell you that the croissants and cookies were fabulous but to be honest, D and I were disappointed with them. The croissants were tender, flaky, rich, and buttery... perfect really, except that those two little brown dots you see were all the chocolate there was in these "chocolate croissants". Now that's just a shame. And the Christmas cookies, well, they looked really pretty. The few that were frosted tasted good but most of them were just your ordinary sugar cookie, not the holiday butter cookies we expected (and were told they were). Don't get me wrong, they weren't stale or completely tasteless, but for $14/lb. I expected better. We wouldn't buy them again or give them as gifts.

I'm sure we'll return to Bit of Swiss one of these days. Lots of things we sampled there were very good. It's unfortunate that the things we bought to take home were not.