St. Joseph vs Lakeshore Again!

I'm listening to the St. Joe vs Lakeshore HS football playoff game on the radio, Go Bears!

At half time we took a quick run into town to the Chocolate Cafe for a rich, smooth, hot chocolate. YUM!

I had a small regular hot chocolate and D had a medium dark chocolate. Both were delicious! While we were there we listened to a couple of musicians sing some golden oldies :-)

Right now the Bears are ahead... I hope they win! Go Bears!!!

Update: The Bears won 19-16 over Lakeshore and will go on to play in the regional playoff! YEAH!!!


  1. Sounds like the Chocolate Cafe is the place to be on Friday nights! I didn't realize they still were having music.. figured that stopped at the end of summer. Nice to hear there is still some life downtown. Nice article... I've enjoyed the blog.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kent! Honestly, I wasn't expecting the music at the Chocolate Cafe either. I just assumed it stopped at the end of summer as well. It was a pleasant surprise to be entertained while we sipped our hot chocolate. I'm going to keep that in mind for future Friday nights :-)


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