November at the Beach

Last Saturday was such a nice day in St. Joseph! The weather was very mild, reaching the mid-60s once again. D and I took the opportunity to visit Weko Beach in Bridgman, Michigan (a 20 minute drive from St. Joseph). I know, I know, November is an odd time to visit a beach. We meant to get there during the summer but we just never made it.

We didn't go to Weko Beach with the intention of swimming of course. We just wanted to check the place out and take a few pictures. It was a lovely day for that! The beach was empty as was expected. It did look like a very nice beach though. The grasses on the dunes and down near the shore had faded from green to brown. The sand was brown as were the snow fences on the beach. But we did find one bright spot of color. I'm not sure what the structure is, a water intake valve perhaps?

We discovered a nice observation platform high on a dune with many, many stairs to climb to get there. D & K took on the challenge while I volunteered to stay below to photograph them. Here are D and K on the climb back down. They are in the middle of the stairway.

After the big climb, we took a stroll along the boardwalk. It turns out it's a pet path.

At the end of the pet path we were treated to a lovely view of the Lake Michigan shoreline.

I took a few more pictures of D & K and then we headed back to the car. You can see the concession stand (closed for the season) in the background.

It was a lovely day at the beach for mid November. I'm sure we'll be back next summer if not before.