Haunting Halloween Weather in St. Joseph

Friday was wet, and Saturday was windy! For a change of pace I shot some video looking out at Lake Michigan from Lookout Park. You can hear the roar of the wind and see the large waves on the lake but what you can't experience is the cold rawness in the air. My fingers were freezing after just the few minutes it took to shoot this video.

It was a day for dramatic pictures. Here's one taken from Silver Beach...

And here's another one taken from behind the water treatment plant...

Doesn't it look cold and raw?

The sky was mostly cloudy but there were occasional peeks of sun. D and I wanted to catch some pics of the sunshine on the lighthouses so we sat in the car and waited just over 90 minutes to get this...

Such was the Halloween weather in St. Joseph this year. It definitely felt autumnal and transitional, like we're shifting gears into winter.

I'll leave you with one last Halloween image. This charming display was set up by one of our neighbors.

Happy Halloween!