Weather Gone Wild in St. Joseph

Friday, October 30th (Halloween weekend) was one for the record books. The St. Joe/Benton Harbor area received 2.93 inches of rain! To say it was a wet day is a real understatement. It was soggy with torrential downpours all night and day.

It was the day my new furnace was installed too. :-)

When the installers took a lunch break, I scooted out to take a few pictures at Lookout Park. There was still some fall color to be found but the season is definitely past peak. We've had so much wind and rain this fall that many of the trees gave up their leaves long ago.

I found puddles a plenty...

And just a few trees left putting on their autumn show of color.

I didn't stay out long. The weather was too wet and raw to suit me. I headed back to the condo and spent the afternoon watching TV and blogging. D arrived in time for dinner :-) We went to Schu's where they had a fire going in the fireplace...

October is almost over and Michigan has seen yet another lovely fall color show.